AnkraSteel, s.r.o.

Engineering production


Our biggest priority is engineering production, in which, due to long-term experience and many completed orders, we offer our customers high-quality services. We guarantee the best results, as it is important to us to have employees who are professional at their work. This fact is determined by many years of work experience, obtained from completed orders and quality certification. Precision and quality are characteristic for our products. According to our own and customer documentation, we produce welded parts and structures, including machining up to a total weight of 12 tons:

  • steel weldments with machining
  • custom production of purpose-built equipment
  • renovation and repair of parts and machinery
  • parts of mining machines and equipment
  • production of parts for rolling stock
  • production of rotating and non-rotating machine parts
  • production of welded structures
  • production of structural components
  • production of weldments and structures of larger dimensions, e.g. conveyors, gearboxes up to 12.5 t, including processing and welding work according to valid standards
  • cut shapes and final products up to dimensions of 2500 x 6000 mm and material thickness up to 200 mm
  • products cut by plasma from material which thickness is from 1 mm to 35 mm with an accuracy of 0.3 mm
  • machine fitting and assembly work with the possibility of using cranes with a load capacity of up to 12.5 t
  • processing bulky machine parts using cranes with a load capacity of 8,000 kg located in the mechanical workshop
  • classic machining of machine parts of smaller dimensions in larger series
  • processing of housing parts of machines and equipment
  • production of machine parts and constructions for foreign customers


The installation device is used for supplying the medium to the hydraulically clamping friction bolts. The end of the friction bolt equipped with a filling sleeve with a hole is inserted into the filling head, which is connected to the pump by a hose. The installation device with the hand carrier enables:

  • control and inspection of the filling process from an ergonomically advantageous location
  • easy handling and insertion of the bolt into the head
  • controlled release of the head from the charging case of the bolt from the control point

The installation device consists of a head, swinging in a fork with an arm. The head itself is connected by a hose to a tube that is inserted in an arm. This unit is attached to the control valve. The control valve together with the pressure gauge are in the valve frame with a handle for attaching the fork with the arm. The valve is operated by a lever. The pressure hose from the pump and the waste hose for liquid drainage when releasing the filling head from the bolt filling sleeve are brought diagonally from below into the valve itself. There are two types of the installation device produced according to the diameter of the bolt´s filling bushing. One with a HP 30 head for bolt´s filling bushing Ø 30 mm and the other with an HP 41 head for bolt´s filling bushing Ø 41 mm.

The filling sleeve of the bolt is inserted into the filling head, and its end is inserted into the borehole right to the washer. By turning the valve lever, the pressurized fluid is supplied to the bolt and it is anchored in the borehole. After the lever is released, the pressurized fluid supply to the bolt is interrupted and at the same time the pressure in the bolt is released. The excess fluid drains through the waste hose and the filler head is released from the bolt filling sleeve.