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Burr Remover

L001 desktop version

A stand, dirt collector (burr, sawdust), abrasive disc- diameter 250 mm, 0.35 m wire

Technical parameters:
Dimensions     600 x 360 x 380 mm    
Weight     53 kg
Grinding wheel diameter     250 mm
Sanding brush wire diameter     0.25 - 0.35mm Supplied Accessory
Abrasive disc - 1 Pc     0,35 mm
Engine     2.2 kW, 2880rev/min, 230/240V
Max. dimensions of the deburred material     90 x 90 mm

After cutting certain materials (pipes, steel profiles) burrs form, hindering further processing and posing safety hazard for employees. Removing burrs manually is tedious, time consuming and results in uneven edges.

This operation is called deburring. For fast and even burr removal a special disc with wires 0.25 to 0.35 mm is used. The disc is fixed around its circumference, perpendicular to the axis of the shaft. The disc is mounted onto the motor shaft in an enclosed space. Material for deburring is moved into the lid opening of the cover, burred-side facing down and leaning against the saddle, which is part of the lower crossbeam. Turning the product in the opposite direction of the disc´s rotation, a rapid, balanced and easy removal of burr is achieved. For processing large quantities of bars of identical diameter, turning the lower crossbeam 180° is necessary. Cross-beams adjust the Burr Remover´s opening to the size of the processed material. The entire machine is mounted on a column with base plate attached to the workshop floor. The maximum diameter for discs used is 250 mm down to 170 mm after gradual wear&tear. The disc´s position towards the opening is gradually adjusted by repositioning the sliding frame´s screw.

Regular maintenance checks for bolted joints´ proper functioning are necessary.

The On/Off switch is located on the machine´s front cover. Safety gloves and protective eyewear shall be worn while operating the Burr Remover.

Burr Remover

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