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Belt sander

Belt sander is used for sanding metal, wood and plastic components, sanding surfaces, sharp edges, corroded areas, etc.

How to use:
Components to be sanded are held in the hand. Sanded component is then placed on an adjustable tilting plate.

Abradable particles and dust from the sanding belt is exhausted through the cabinet, swivel bracket and cover plate in the upper arm of the sanding belt.

Belt Sander Belt Sander Belt Sander

Technical Design:
The Belt sander is 1100 mm long, 420 mm wide and 1125 mm tall. The height of the sanding belt´s upper arm is 850 mm and weight is 490 kg.

The machine is equipped with an electric motor 106 LA7 4AA, 2.2 kW, 1420 min-1, 380 V

The abrasive belt is placed on and powered by a cylinder encased within the hoist device.

The belt is 300 mm wide and 2823 mm long.

The type of grinding material and its abrasiveness is supplied as per client specification. There´s an option to purchase several sanding belts for easy switching.

Replacing the belt is easy and carried out through the back of the machine. After releasing the powered cylinder from the hoist, the abrasive belt slides out of the belt sander along the longitudinal axis of the powered cylinder.

Belt sander

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