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Hydraulic Bogie Press

The Universal Hydraulic Bogie Press is designed for chassis assembly and testing. Its flexible wheel frame allows for testing and alignment of various bogies. Subsequent performance and measuring tests are carried out as per client´s Measurements Sheet and Technical specifications.

The Universal Hydraulic Bogie Press, with its adaptable tracks, is designed to accommodate wheelsets 1435, 1522, 1000, 1060, 1674 and 950 mm in size. The device is capable of smooth bogie adjustments within 1800–3000 mm.

Technical Specifications
Maximum pressure of the hydraulic cylinder:     300 kN
Ascending air springs or slides surfaces pressure:
Pressure range:     min. 2 x 40 kN - max. 2 x 150 kN
Single slide or spring:     min. 40 kN - max. 150 kN
Digital display accuracy:     +- 50 N.
Minimum distance for air springs or slides:     1 200 mm
Maximum distance for air springs or slides:     2 300 mm
Track wheel:     1435, 1522, 1000, 1060, 1674 a 950 mm
Track wheel:     1 800 - 3 000 mm

Hydraulic Bogie Press

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